Nervous With Class

Posted November 14th, 2014 by Nancy and filed in Dating
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I work for the Newcastle escort agency part time and I love every minute of it because there is always sometime new and exciting to do. Yesterday night I met a client at his mansion at about 11:00 pm, I knew that I was in for a long night. My session was booked with this man in his mid-50’s for three hours. I could tell that this man was pretty timid and nervous because he spent an hour and a half just talking to me. Really I think that this may have been his first time ever.

After speaking with him I found out that he is a married man, that turned me on even more for some strange reason. He respected me, cuddled up with me and showed some great class that most clients usually do not do. They typically just want to be really rough and I end up with bruises all over my body.

Mistress Anne

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I am going to London in a few days and I could not be any more excited. I am going to see the sites and to finally meet my new mistress. I hope for her to show me the city and see the places that only locals know about. We have been communicating online for a while now and I have only now just been able to get away from work. I have visited London, but never with a lover on my arm. I want to take her to the best bistros and chicest hotels to enjoy my week away. I know that Anne will wish that I could stay in London forever. I would stay if I could, but my obligations to my work take me on the road too much to make any real commitment. I am curious about any potential future I have with my London fetish mistress.


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I recently lost my best friend to cancer. Her name was Sally and she was the most wonderful person in the world. She was only thirty eight when she died and she had been battling with the disease for many years.

Sally was one of the brightest, most intelligent and most beautiful women I have ever known. She had had a very exciting and colourful life. She worked with a group of London escorts and frequently travelled the world with them. She didn’t have children of her own but she had a very close, supportive family who will be missing her even more than me, if that’s possible.

I will always remember Sally for the good times we had together; the holidays, the dating, the girlie nights in. Her memory will remain in my heart forever and I hope that one day we will meet again.

My Time Away

Posted November 6th, 2014 by Nancy and filed in Tourism
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So I finally made it! I have been in England now for 7 hours and so far I am loving every second of it. I just got done booking a time and date with Brighton escorts to go sight seeing around the country. I have never had this type of time alone and I am absolutely loving it! After going with the escorts I plan on eating dinner at a spectacular restaurant and than curling up on the couch with a glass of wine. I haven’t really planned much of this trip, I am taking it day by day and going with my instinct on what will be fun. As much as I miss my children and my husband, I really needed this time to relax and to remember everything good I have. Sometimes it is easy to forget that.